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    I've verified all my settings for Gmail and each time I try to 'get' my email using versamail, I get the following message, "Unable to resolve name Check DNS settings or enter the ip adderss for your mail server." Any help would be appreciated.
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    I read the "Help" for GMail and it gave settings for POP setup. Did you activate it in the settings menu of your GMail account? If so, when I talked to Cingular they told me to use for the outgoing server instead of the address yahoo or Google supply. Maybe that will make the difference. Hopefully!
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    Anyone successfully retrieving gmail on Cingular network?

    I get the same error on my TSTT GPRS service here in Trinidad. However, with the identical settings, if I disconnect from GPRS and then bluetooth PAN to my desktop PC which is sharing a dial-up internet connection, I have no problems retrieving or sending gmail. Therefore, at least in my case, I believe that the problem is not with my setup but with the GPRS network. This might also be the case with you, unless someone else is successfully using gmail on Cingular.

    I suspect port 995 and possibly 465 and 587 are probably closed on my TSTT GPRS service and maybe on your Cingular GPRS service. I have contacted TSTT who are investigating. However, I hope I am mistaken and there is an easier solution...
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    FYI I am happily using Gmail on my Cingular (locked) T650. I live in LA. (two Cingular stores on every corner since they took over AT&T)
    here are my port settings (as gmail suggested):
    incoming: #995, SSL (no APOP)
    outgoing: #587, SSL, ESMTP.
    Don't forget to enable POP mail from your Gmail settings page.
    Good luck!
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    Try Andrew's settings. It appears that Cingular is not blocking those ports. It may be your setup.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the assistance with my Gmail. I was able to get it to work using Andrew's settings. In addition using christinac130's setting allowed me to smtp my other email outgoing mail.

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