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    So I got a new AT&T Treo 650 and had it for less than a day when I dropped the stylus and broke the tip off.

    For the life of me I cannot find where to get a replacement. I had to buy the PalmOne OEM 3-Pack pen/stylus combo, but these are very lame compared to the stylus that comes with the device.

    Does anyone know where I can find the original OEM stylus?
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    They aren't available yet. Why, I don't know...
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    the stylus comes out> i thought it was for show.


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    Yep, this is what I had to buy. Very lame compared to the original stylus that comes with the Treo. Too light, cheap feeling, no thanks.

    I want my original stylus back!
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    Could you ask for a replacement from ATT or wherever you bought it? it very well could have been defective, no? I've dropped my stylus a couple of times. And when my little brother (who is 7) took a liking to my Treo one afternoon, the stylus endured, miraculously. They seem like they would be more quality than to break the first time dropped...
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    I bought the 3 pack of the pin/stylus as backup. They are weak - too light, tip unscrews to reveal pen, not as good looking as the all silver original stylus. Can not image ever using the dumb pen.

    Hopefully a better replacement will be available soon.
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    Also purchased the 3 pack - not like the originaly at all.
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    I ordered a skin from brando--no prob. They did right by me--YMMV.

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    I'm just curious how one drops the stylus and it lands on the tip and breaks. I have droped mine several times in the last month I have had my Treo. The way its balanced it always lands on the top- metal end down. I might buy some new ones just because its starting to look all chewed up. Although I havent dropped it as much recently- might have something to do with the tread I read about making it slip proof.

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    Well I for one like the one with the pen. It is not as solid feeling, but I do like having a pen with me all the time. I do use it.

    If you want to, get me your address and I will send you my original stylus. I do not usually pay attention to PMs (cause I neber get them) so send it to walterareynolds at comcast dot net

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