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    Hey guys. I looked through other posts, but didn't quite understand....

    I just got my 650. Can someone give me a walkthrough of the recommended way to get my contacts, calender stuff, etc. into it? I did a synch of my 600. (I don't have my 600 anymore as I had a problem with it and they gave me a new one I am going to sell.)


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    Hey Judge,

    I just did the same. The directions in the user guide are pretty explicit about what to do. I think the most important thing is probably to make sure that you load the new software onto your computer AFTER syncing your 600 up to make sure you've backed up your data. In other words, 1) sync 600, 2) load new software onto computer, and then 3) sync up 650.

    That's general, the directions should have more.
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    I am having the same problem. I backed up my T600 files. When I installed the new 650, it did not give me a choice of synchronizing with previous software, which I am sure was a mistake.

    Now I cannot get my T600 phone and address information over to my 650. Any ideas?

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