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    I've had my Treo for about three weeks and been very happy with it, especially using Chattermail as an alternative to Blackberry.

    But today, for no apparent reason, I've had a massive deterioration in sound quality - whether I am using speakerphone, the unit's earpiece, or a plug-in headphone. This is a problem with both phone calls, and listening to PTunes music.

    Tech support advised trying a hard reset, which I did. That did not fix it. Tech support then advised getting a new unit.

    Because I am under 30 days of the original sale, PalmOne are shipping me a replacement unit, and a label for me to return the defective unit. However, because I am after 15 days, I have to pay for (on my credit card) a new unit; and this will be credited back when the defective unit arrives with them. I got my original unit for $599, before the price went up, and PalmOne are going to honour that on the new unit, and not charge me for delivery - so I won't be out of pocket at all. (This seems pretty fair service to me.)

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    Funny you mention this b/c I just called p1 last night and they're overnighting me a replacement unit, too. But, my problems are different than yours - mine are:

    1. It constantly loses the GPRS connection and when attempting to reconnect, I get "Error Code: (0x400B)" even though the GPRS network is NOT down.
    2. When talking on the phone, after 5 - 15 mins (it's random), I hear a 'click' sound and suddenly I no longer hear the person I'm talking to. When I speak, I hear myself in the earpiece loud and clear - it's like I'm talking to myself.
    3. Some random resets when my Treo's just sitting on my desk (only happens once or twice a day).

    The other reason why I requested a replacement unit is b/c they just started shipping unlocked units with an updated firmware and software (1.15 and 1.05) whereas mine is 1.14 and 1.05....I'm hoping the new firmware and software resolves the issues I was having.
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