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    So lets say you're out with your buds, or sitting down to dinner w/ some of your friends, or your coworker shows you his new moto V3 RAZR. When you whip out your treo, what's the first thing that you do on it to make their jaws drop? This can be hardware/software related!

    For me, its either the videocamera or playing one of my 400 oggs that really gets em!
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    that happend to me last friday. One friend had the V3, another a Nokia 6620, a SE T226, Nokia 6230b, and a BB 7280. Of the 5 of us, 3 worked in the wireless industry, rogers specifically. So they have seen the Treo 600 and have dubbed it very "bunk." Now when i showed them the T650 in the nice Vaja case, they all went "Pro!" (thats a good thing).

    WHat sent them over the edge of course, and i only started doing this when i saw my brothers CDMA Nokia 6225, i turned on the camera, and comapred the camera refresh speed to theirs. The Treo 650 refresh speed is so quick and smooth, others are laggie.
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    Yeah, the RAZR is small...but so what?

    What can it do?
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    I either play an ogg file with PocketTunes or one of the Star Trek episodes I ripped with PocketDVD and MMPlayer.
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    I love that - I get that all the time w/ the 650. The 600 didn't usually recieve that kind of welcome, but the 650, when I show that screen, gets a great response.

    Actaully, I just came back from a vegas vacation and recieved more complimnets./ questions on the 650 then ever before. I guess the word is spreading
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    I show mmplayer and super mario 3 running on an emulator. For the more geeky, PalmVNC
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    movies, madden 05, NesEm, Winhand, shoutcast, novii remote

    Novii remote is cool. Since majority of people i know own Sonys and Tivos. They think their equipment are going whacko when I secretely change the channel or volume. When I show them how I did it, they're pretty impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    Yeah, the RAZR is small...but so what?

    What can it do?
    That's exactly my thought on the RAZR - a small phone...oh,'s JUST a phone. That's it. Big deal...
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    I'm in aerospace and aviation. Hellfire, a helicopter game with great graphics and cool sound, gets'em going in my office.
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    Just start up mmplayer and put on a movie. works every time!
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    I show its ability to spontaneously reset. People are impressed that such a small device can mirror the performance of Windows 95.
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    either a movie trailer or some
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    show them the sum odd...110 - 115 games i have on my 1 GB
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    Honestly, unless you're showing your phone to geeks, I think the Razr impresses people more because it's so much prettier. I was at a club and everyone was checking out my 650 when my friend pulled out his Razr. To make a short story even shorter, I was abandoned. Very quickly.
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    By the way, no offense to geeks... I'm pretty geeky myself. I'm just saying that how impressive your phone is depends on who you're showing it to.

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