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    I just received my TomTom 2004 for Palm. In following the instructions after choosing a language and location (card or handheld) I get a pop up error:

    "Setup: Internal problem (2) Cannot run conduit. Please restart setup."

    I have uploaded screen shots to a doc summarizing the error. FYI TomTom does not have phone support only email!

    Somebody please make my day!
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    You can call TomTom customer service at 978-287-9555
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    I managed to install Hotsync on another PC and force the install. I corrupted all of my Contacts on my business laptop in the process! I installed TomTom on the handheld and the maps on the SD card. FYI the maps do not show when displaying apps installed on the card but it does show the memory used by the maps and other files. Anyway it works and now I am rebuilding my Contact list cuz I never backed them up. DOH!
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    Yeah, I had to go under some trouble installing TT. Not sure if it's T650 compatibility issue or TT's fault. But once installed, it's working like a charm!

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