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    I am hearing such negativities about the 650. What do you think? I am receiving a replacement 600 tommorrow and I was going to sell it on ebay and get the 650. Should I do it or just keep my 600?


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    I think there are enough responses from former T600 owners there to help you.

    Personally, I did exactly what you are considering and I wish I had done it sooner.
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    Sell!!!! Sell!!!! Sell!!!!
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    I upgraded from a Treo 270 to a Treo 650 GSM on March 1st. Haven't looked back; it was worth the wait just for Bluetooth alone. I know there are a lot of issues reported here (quality problem in Taiwan? - not that likely), but I think many are related to rogue software (so just who wrote that Quality Plan?). So far I have added a new application each day, just in case there are compatability issues. I also follow the software compatibility issues in the thread for pointers.

    I have to say I love the 650 a lot more than my old faithful 270. My only real beef is that I have had to upgrade some software and buy a few new accessories - I have the old Treo on eBay, and that will pay for most of the things I need.
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    Your Honor,

    I'd get the 650. I just got rid of my 600 a few days ago and made the upgrade. I hesitated for quite a while as well. It's worth it. It's really a great phone. Yeah, there's a couple of quirks people have reported on the board but I haven't run across them. The slight delay in dialing is truly not a big deal at all. It is noticably quicker, both in its functionability and in accessing data. It is really a great phone.

    Those are the facts in evidence, and I rest my case.

    DDA Horton
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    Go for it. Have had my 650 for a couple months now and love it. Finally got around to putting my 600 on ebay today
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