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    I just happened to come across this headset. I realize the SE 660 has caller ID but I am not sure I need that for my 650. I just bought the BT800 and am in the process of returning it since Jabra does not seem to know when/how they will fix it.

    I really just want a headset that will work. I don't really need Caller ID.

    Has anyone seen/tried/used it or read good/bad reviews?

    Let me know!

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    Yeah, I just picked one up yesterday and returned it today from the Sony style store. The whole package is a weird concept. The audio quality was not good with the 650. The belt clip is also the charger. To attach the the headset to your car you have to remove the the belt clip/charger.

    The whole system requires to much removal and attaching and it doesn't sound good anyway. I originally went cause I figured they would have the hbh660 but they don't carry it.

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