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    I bought a few programs when I had my Treo 600 that do not work on the 650, and have now had to buy other programs for the 650.

    Can I "sell" my license to someone and transfer it to them if I have no intent to continue to use it?

    I'd like to sell my license for Webviewer, Pdanet, among other programs.
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    I don't know about the legalities of it all, but aren't most license keys tied to a particular Palm username. It seems like that would cause problems.
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    Well, if we were allowed to sell them, I assume that the buyer and seller would have to notify the vendor of the software to advise them of the transfer.
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    The answer is yes and no....under general consumer law, just about anything you buy can be sold. Software vendors have been trying to bend the rules over the years thinking that merely by placing a restriction in a EULA they can restrict the sale. This has not been tested much by the courts as vendors geerally 'settle" rather than take a verdict which they anticipate will be unfavorable.

    As a matter of practicality however, the number of hoops you have jump thru may not be worth your time and effort. To be fair it's not worth the developers time and effort.

    If I had ten $5 programs, that gave me trouble reconfiguring for the new user, it would not be worth my time and effort to even ask for directions on how to adopt foor a new user. OTPH, if I had a $50 program, I might just give it a shot.
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    what jack said. depends on the software.

    btw, you dont "buy" software you license it. you probably dont "own" any of the software you have. check the eula.

    see if the vendor has a policy to transfer. If not, I would:

    ask the buyer for the his id and contact the vendor telling them you upgraded, but changed your id. see what they would say.

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    Read the license.txt file if there is one

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