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    Hello. I'm writting a program for the Treo and i need it to run in background all time.Can i run an application in background in Treo 600?
    If yes : what must i do to run it automatically without launch it from the launch panel?
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    It depends on how 'in the background' you want it. Are we talking like mp3/phone-app-still-actively-works-when-you-exit-in-the-background, or more of a needs-to-be-able-to-alert-user-or-respond-to-specific-events-in-the-background? I believe the former is limited to certain OS subsystems (specifically audio playback and phone functions). The latter is accomplished using other launch codes in conjunction with the Alarm Manager and/or the Notification Manager.
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    OK Thanks i need the latter option. I'm going to try using the Alarm Manager and/or the Notification Manager. I think there is the answer.

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