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    Very satisfied. It would be close to perfect if PalmOne releases a Treo 650 WiFi card.
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    Yeah, so far this is a beautiful phone. I guess it is what the T600 should have been a year ago. So far it has been stable for me (one reset in a week). There are some finicky issues, but call quality seems better, the screen is amazing, and the keyboard is SO MUCH better than the 600 (and the 600 was great!). I find it so easy to type on this thing in comparison to the 600, and I loved working with the 600. I guess a lot of people here whine about the lack of high-end features, like Wi-Fi and internal memory. Wi-Fi would have been great, but is a huge battery hog, and to me becomes useless because it steals so much battery life. My only complaint is the pathetic internal memory! Why could they put 64 MB in here? Well, I guess that and maybe the fact that they've put limits on the device in other ways (BT DUN, no WIFI card support, No BT Voicedialing), etc. Anyways, I'm enjoying this thing!
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    I have an ATTWS/Cingular Treo 650 and LOVE IT!! It does everything I need it to do. I was very happy to get rid of my phone and Tungsten T2 to combine it all into one device. The bluetooth and my M3000 headset have probably already saved my life while driving down the road!!
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    I would view 1 reset a day as trivial.
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