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    So I just bought this new 650 and really like it. I was debating to get the unlocked GSM version, but wanted to save some $$$. I am a little hesitant now because Cingular no longer carries it. Don't know what that is about.
    Has anyone experienced any issues w/the 650?
    When I talk on the phone people tell me that they hear themselves twice!
    Any ideas? I am thinking of sending it back and getting the unlocked version.
    I have had bad experience w/ Cingular and returning phones!

    Let me know, anyone!
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    I use a Cingular Treo 650 and it works great. I think that you may need to turn down your volume on your phone so the people calling you don't hear themselves twice.

    I have also read that Cingular will Unlock your phone if you call them and ask them to... but it may take some time for them to get it done.
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    thanks for the info!
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    Double posting is a no-no...
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    sorry, new to this. didn't think the first one went throught.
    do you have any info?

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