So it seems from this thread -> Cingular NYC & EDGE <- that Cingular and T-Mobile share cell phone towers in NYC. And for some Cingular customers, this means that they won't get EDGE speeds because their cell phones tend to roam on to the T-Mobile network which doesn't support EDGE.

I, sadly, happen to one of those customers, judging by my slow internet connections (no better than what I used to get when I was with T-Mobile).

I also notice with Cingular that the 'Select Network' option is not available on the Phone screen of the Treo 650 (Perhaps it is diabled somehow on the SIM card). I'm more than a little annoyed because EDGE was one of the reasons I switched to Cingular in the first place.

Is there any way to 'lock' the home network to be Cingular/AT&T and prevent the cell phone from using T-Mobile's network (obviously only when there is a choice to do so)? Alternately, is there any way to turn on the 'Select Network' option on the cell phone for manual network selection?