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    Since I bought it in Nov, 2004, my Treo650 has had a single pixel that was 'white' (e.g. whenever there was a darker background). It was kind of annoying and I had been meaning to return my Treo 650 (actually, they were prepared to give me a new one one day at Sprint store, but I wanted to HotSync at home first). The other day my Treo fell to the floor. The fall actually cracked the thin vertical chrome around the screen (just above the phone button)...but it also FIXED that pesky screen pixel. Amazing. Now, I can't take it back (because the pixel is fixed) but I'd really like to because of the (cosmetic) crak in the frame (but this was caused by my accidental dropping) !! Oh well, the pixel was more annoying than the new crack is.
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    Yikes! Hope you're not suggesting that as a solution. LOL
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    Palmone Treo 650 "Patch": "If you are experiencing a bad pixel, please drop the phone. Obtain a high spot above a concrete flooring or road. If this does not fix your pixels, please order a new Treo 650 with the bonus of you paying full price!"

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