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    Just recieved this, its a pretty weak response...


    I am very sorry to inform you that our software engineers have completed the review of the compatibility problem with our 2005 ZAGAT TO GO (version 3.0) and have concluded that the current version is not compatible with the PalmOne Treo 650 model. At this time we have exhausted all efforts to resolve this problem and have decided to forego any further testing and development.

    I realize this may not be the best news but am pleased to inform you that our ZAGAT TO GO (version 2.0) is compatible with the PalmOne Treo 650. This version was released in late 2004 and includes most of our 2005 content except for Europe's Top Restaurants, Miami Restaurants, Las Vegas Restaurants (w/ Nightlife) and New Orleans Restaurants (w/ Nightlife). Those guides indicated are not pre-packaged with this software version and may be downloaded and updated once ZAGAT TO GO (version 2.0) has been installed.

    To download and install a copy of ZAGAT TO GO (version 2.0) for Palm OS please click on the following link:

    If you are unable to click on the link you may copy and paste the web site address that is listed above into your web browser.

    Once you have downloaded the ZAGAT TO GO installer, open the file and proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete your installation.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or need further assistance.


    ZAGAT TO GO Customer Service

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    That stinks.

    I'm preparing for the arrival of my Treo 650 and have bought ZAGAT TO GO v3.0 already. There is ZERO indication on ZAGAT's website that there is any problem with v3.0 on the Treo 650. On the contrary, the 'Treo Series' is in the list of ZAGAT TO GO Compatible Devices.

    Continuing to take our money for a product which they market as working, know is broken, and have given up on, is utterly wrong.
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    yup, just got that email today. sucks. i paid for the online membership, waiting to see how much they will charge for last years product. of which i paid for on my 600.
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    Sorry to hear about the incompatibilities...would Vindigo help at all?
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    Vindigo is an excellent suggestion. It does everything ZAGAT does and much more. Thanks for reminding me. I tried it in my Palm V days and completely forgot about it. The latest version gets great user reviews at, and PalmAddicts like it.
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    It certainly is disappointing. Unfortunately, as good as Vindigo may be, it is not Zagat. We can only hope that Zagat quickly writes a version 4 that works on the Treo 650 and that allows the databases to be stored on expansion memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewGray
    It certainly is disappointing. Unfortunately, as good as Vindigo may be, it is not Zagat. We can only hope that Zagat quickly writes a version 4 that works on the Treo 650 and that allows the databases to be stored on expansion memory.

    Certainly not as well known as Zagat, but Vindigo updates constantly. Zagat only updates yearly.
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    I actually use both zagat 2.0 and vindago on my Treo 650... living in NYC these are total godsends for finding restaurant addresses, and telephone numbers. they both tend to have places that the other does not, but with both you can find just about everything.

    the most annoying thing about zagat, is that it does not support the 5-way, and you need to poke with a thumbnail, or stylus, which is often awkward if your walking down the street...

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    This does suck. I had just downloaded the installer and was going to test it out. I do have v2 installed, but the lack of SD support forces me to only keep a handful of guides on here. Compared to having 10+ guides on my Clie TH (since RAM wasn't an issue).

    If these folks want to take this application seriously, they need to invest more money into it rather than making it a cheap port of their books.
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    yes no sd support sucks, zagat is the biggest user of space on my treo!!

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    I queried the status of Zagat To Go 3.0 on the Treo 650 and got this reply:

    Handmark is working to develop a compatible new version of ZagatToGo for the 650 by the end of the summer. I havenít heard of any users having success installing v3.0 to the 650 yet.

    Thank you,
    Customer Support
    Handmark, Inc.
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    I got the 3.0 to work for about a week so a bought a subscription... few days later everytime i launch it i geta soft reset...

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    Has anyone tried Zagat To Go 3.0 with the Treo's new firmware? With some memory problems addressed perhaps it would work now...Handmark may not have tried it or posted updates to their site.

    Anyone tried it with the new firmware? Anyone? Beuler?
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    Man I miss zagat to go...I think though the firmware isn't the issue, it's the OS. We have to wait for zagat to come out with a new version.
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    For those of you (excuse the pun) 'eating' up space with Zagat's databases, may I suggest using PowerRUN? It means a few extra seconds for launching, but saves a lot of space.

    So, are they saying that the v2 will continue to work with the new databases?
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    Because of the space issue on my new Treo 650, I eliminated the cities that were only there for occasional and rarely used reference. It just occured to me that I may have been able to store those city DBs on the card, bringing them back to RAM when needed. I did the same eliminations with Vindigo and saved a ton of space. Space was not an issue on my Tungsten C ,so I added any possible city of interest.

    They will solve the T650 issue. Let's hope that they, like almost every app I use, enable card access.
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    what do you use to store the city DBs on the card, that is pull them back and forth from the card to the internal memory?
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    I've had no issues running v2 on my Treo, can't see any advantage of using v3. Until they create a new version which will read the guides from the card, what's the point of upgrading since you can use updated guides with v2.

    As for moving the guides back and forth from the card, I definitely recommend PowerRun. Unless, of course, you have 10 megs of guides.
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    I bought zagat to go v2 last year, but I believe it eventually expired?? Do I have to buy it again to use last years version?
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    So are there any functional differences between v2 and v3 on the Treo? Any advancements in the user interface for example?
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