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    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to transfer excel or word files to my handheld without having to send it through the email. Any help will be much appreciated
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    The simplest method is to hotsync the file, but you'll need an SD card because that's the only place it can be synced to.
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    documents to go has a conduit and palm apps that allow you to not only transfer but open, view, and edit word, xls and ppt files

    it's not free, but it's thankfully bundled with the 650, at least it was with my GSM unlocked version
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    Bluetooth is my favorite way of transferring a single file between Bluetooth-enabled devices and the reason why I'm adding Bluetooth to all of my computers.

    You don't have to worry about hotsyncing or whether two computers are on the same network with file sharing enabled.
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    I actually had this same problem today. I have a mac and I just transferred the word file via bluetooth to the Treo (which has Documents to Go installed) and it loaded the file perfectly. I do have an SD card, but the .doc file was not stored there as far as I can see (no SD icon next to the file in Word to Go document list).

    The same should be true by transferring the file via IR too.

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    Card Export II lets you use a SD card a drive - easy to xfer all kinds of stuff (but I don't know the status of how it works with the 650)
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    Thanks for the tips everyone, I will try the SD card wqay as soon as I get my SD card from Palm

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