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    Dear all, I have difficulty synchronising memos and tasks. Have been having this problem since I have my Treo650 in early Feb.

    I have hard reset and uninstalled palm desktop etc, but to no avail.

    in my Treo, I noticed these DB. I've tried deleting memoDB and ToDoDb but it came back again. These 2 files also reset my treo when I copy it over to the SD card.


    Anyone can assist? Thank you in advance.
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    Its very hard to troubleshoot a problem like this without more information. What is the difficulty? Error message? What does the hotsync log say? Sprint or Cingular? Outlook or Palm Desktop? What version of Windows? Any other apps installed?

    We must start from the premise that hotsycing tasks and memos WORKS. If it doesnt work in your setup, there is something in your PC configuration that is preventing the hotsync from working properly. A CLEAN uninstall, including renaming/deleting the Palm directory, removing old Palm entries from the registry, etc. may be required. A clean install of the Palm Desktop that came with the Treo on a clean PC will hotsync.

    There could also be something in your currrent database (Outlook or Palm Desktop) that is causing the problem. There could be a memo or a task that is corrupt. If the calendar and contacts sync fine, this could be the problem. It could also be corrupt conduits. If you have Outlook, do you have the latest version of the conduits from the palmOne site?

    Another extreme measure is to backup/export your memos/tasks to another database, save that, and delete your current databases. Try and hotsync (with nothing). Does it work? Create one memo and one task. Does it hotsync?

    As with any other computer problem, you will need to methodically test and narrow down the possibilities. These boards are here to help. You can help us help you by providing A LOT more information so we can point you in the right direction.

    Good luck!!!
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    Thank you for the comprehensive answer ZBoater, will try it out and see how it goes. Sincere appreciations.

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