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    This is strange - I've been very happy with my 650 but I recently installed a game (Alchemy) and now my battery goes dead within 2 days. I can normally go 5 days or so and the battery never went down to zero, but now it dies within 2 days.

    Any way to see if it is a bad battery? I am removing Alchemy to see if that is the problem or if it was just coincidence.
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    Well, your first step is a good one (removing Alchemy). Do you play it a lot? I NEVER get 5 days from my 650, and I don't play that many games (I have them loaded, but I dont play them very often). I am lucky if I get two days, but I do run ChatterEmail and receive 50-100 emails a day.
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    If I'm lucky, I can go 1 1/2 days on battery. But I ALWAYS charge it every night, whether it needs it or not. I have a 2000 minute plan though and receive alot of emails on every half hour sync.

    This might be a shot in the dark, but there is a new virus circulating that uses BT and MMS for transporting itself. It's called Commwarrior. I haven't heard of any T650's being affected, but maybe this is the first. That is it's primary affect is that it kills your battery. Might want to install Filez and check it out.
    There's a ton of stories but here's one:
    New Virus Hits Mobile Phones
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    Removed Alchemy and after more than a full day I am at 79%. Looks like that was the problem. Too bad...I love that game!

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