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    Is anyone using now software's up-to-date with a treo 650? I'm having terrible synch problems. Windows platform, too. Is it Now software or the treo? any advice?
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    I run Up-To-Date w/Treo 650 and iBook G4. So far no problems. Sorry I don't have advice for you. I also use Missing Sync to do my syncing. What is happening when you try to sync?
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    bethg, I have used nudc and palms of various types for years. I have seen just about every problem and fix you can think of, and would be glad to help you if I can. Post your exact issues here, or feel free to email or private message me. Most problems seem to happen from syncing with more than one computer, but try to be specific with your description. I am sure we can fix whatever the problem is. Believe it or not, most are extremely simple and straightforward.
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    Okay, treo 650 with now's upto date contact and date book, on a windows xp pc.
    The NOW datebook is server based, with a local copy on the pc- the connection to and from the server seems consistent and fine. Only trying to synch one treo to one pc. The problem: the synching is very very inconsistent. For instance, 2 items on one date were not showing up on the treo after a synch. I added an earlier appt on that same date, and re-synched. All 3 showed up. I deleted the one i added, resynched, and all 3 dissapeared. Events have different categories, created by different people, not private. I played with the time to go up to 365 days forward and reverse, to no availl. I've reinstalled the treo software and then NUDC once already.
    Any ideas? Other than throwing out NUDC?

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