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    The one that exposed the keyboard but has the screen cover. I'm thinking about getting it.
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    I'm not sure if Pacific Rim and Innopocket are one in the same company, but I purchased the innopocket hard case and was not aware of the PRC. Now that I peeked at it, I think I like the PRC better (has access to the keypad).
    I like my case because it has saved my 650 from damages twice. I get many comments about it (folks like the look) and generally it gives me a warm fuzzy that it will protect and serve. There are some features I don't like, a). the cutout is a tad small and you have to kinda poke your finger on the phone/end-send buttons. The door hinge pin came out (but a suggestion was given on the board to fix) b) I would like the door hinge to fold back further,so I can type with 2 hands but I am beginning to get used to holding it a certain way to type faster. Some don't like the metal look, but I think it's sweet. I am also looking at the new upcoming Innopocket black magnesuim (sp) case.
    Oh and lastly, I wrote at one post how I was getting a bit dissatisfied with the Innopocket folks lack of response but I can now say that they have responded like gangbusters and are well on the way to helping me get back whole.
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    I would also like to know if someone has the Pacific Rim hard case. I e-mailed Treocentral CS and they said they do not have a date yet when they will be carrying the case. The 600 version is $29.95 so I am going to wait until it is offered on Treocentral and see if the price is the same. the cost on the PRT site is $39.95
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    I too had trouble with the small cutouts being a bit too small so I cut off the bottom keyboard cover portion and now the case is almost perfect. I still get the screen protection but I have full access to the keyboard. I have drop, knocked or slid my T several times and the case may have some dings but it works.
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    I ordered the Pacific Rim case on 01/08/05. I got an email sometime at the end of January stating that the case would be delayed until sometime in February. I thought "oh well, I can wait a month". I get another email in February, "We are delaying the case until sometime in March due to quality control issues". I emailed them to cancel and get my card refunded the $49.55 (case + shipping). I received a prompt email from them saying this would be done. It never was. I just finished emailing PacificRim Technologies again asking them if the case would be ready to ship at the end of this month. If so, keep my order on file and ship it. If not, please cancel the order. I'll post an update here once I get a response from them.
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    I'm having similar problems with delivery from Pacific Rim. Order date and payment date was March 8 with FedEx two day delivery. I've seen nothing from them yet. Their website claims the order is still pending, and they haven't answered their emails.
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    It looks like the case hasn't been released yet. I can't wait though, I'll buy one through TreoCentral as soon as it's released.

    Any word on a date? I imagine it should be really soon now.
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    I got an email from Pacifir Rim saying it would be available March 28th. Hey that's today!!! I'm going to check now.

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