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    The "Show Calendar Event" option in the Phone app seems to hold the CalendarPdat db hostage somehow and corrupt it, preventing successful Hotsyncs. Can an app be developed that can disable that option for Hotsync and the re-enable it? I think it's a very useful little feature that I miss!
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    Out of curiosity, what problems do you having during hotsyncs? I have "Show Calendar Event" eneabled and have never had any errors during a hotsync.
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    When I have that option enabled, I get unsuccessful syncs of the Calendar. This problem has been discussed in another thread, but I can't find it right now. It doesn't seem to happen to everyone and it only happened to me months after having a T650. Jeff Gibson pointed this problem out. I use Agendus, by the way.
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    With that exception, have you been pretty happy with Agendus on the 650? I used to use Agendus on the 600, but since I started using the 650 I haven't gotten around to getting the latest version to install.
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    Yeah, I like it but it takes up a bit too much memory...

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