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    I am currently using Snappermail and really like it but the most annoying part is the screen coming on every 30 minutes...does Chattermail also do this?

    This is somewhat annoying in a dark vehicle, a nightclub or a movie...of course I could turn off email checking while doing those 3 things but would rather not..I don't mind the screen coming on and alerting me if I have messages but when simply checking mail I'm not sure why this needs to happen.
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    No, Chatter works completely in the background.
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    Chatter does not really "check" for email. When a new message comes in to your IMAP server, your server notifies Chatter that there is a new message, then Chatter goes to fetch it and alert you.
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    I just realized Chatter only supports IMAP...wish it did POP also, I'm not sure why Snapper doesnt just make an update so the screen stays off while checking email and quit wasting the battery especially when there is no email.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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