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    Hi All,

    Copied a .wav file into Palm Quick Install on the desktop, which automatically placed the file into the expansion card area.

    Did a synch, saw the message that the .wav was being installed.

    Went to the Treo 650, but how do I find the file on the expansion card? And can I use this file as an alarm at all? If so, how?

    (It is the 20th Century Fox trumpet intro.)

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    Get yourselve a file manager like FileZ (it is free). Zlauncher also has a good file management program.
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    If you expect to use your imported wav file as an alarm, I don't think it will work. Try a program like the Audacity Voice Recorder that has the ability to record a wav file and then configure it as an audio alarm.
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    Thanks for the replies, people.

    Found the file with FileZ, now how do I get it to play?

    Sorry for the dumb questions!
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    If you used an MP3 instead of a .wav file, you could use Butler to play it as an alarm. You'd save plenty of card space using an MP3 as compared to the .wav as well
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    Thanks. Googled for this; found lots of links to men in funny coats! :-)

    Any chance of an URL?
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    Here you go: Butler

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