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    Is it necessary to purchase a Backup Utility for your Treo if you generally have access to your computer? Or should Hot Syncing after a hard reset be able to do the same thing?

    I'm relatively new to the Treo 650 (had it since Friday), and still working on getting everything set up and figuring out what apps I need.
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    Do a search on 'backupman' and 'backupbuddy'. I use BackupMan. The value of a backup utility is that you can restore if you suffer some fatal error when you are away from your computer. You can also keep multiple backups in case you need to restore to a known point of stability. For example, you might want to revert to a setup from two backups ago if you installed some new software that causes you problems.
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    I use BackupMan. A life saver when you're out of town and don't have you're laptop with you. Best $10 you'll ever spend.

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