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    Hi, Going to Miami from the UK in a week's time, anyone know where I can get an unlocked GSM Treo 650 in that area?

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    You can buy one from PalmOne at their website. You could also check eBay or this forum to see if any used ones are for sale.
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    Thanks for that, but as I will be on vacation and my credit card is registered to my address in the UK I don't think they will deliver to me in the US.
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    Give PalmOne a call and see what they can do for you.
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    Just have it delivered to your hotel. I FedEx stuff (document boxes) ahead all the time, so I don't have to lug it along.
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    Just bumping this thread up.

    I am in exactly the same situation, going to Miami today and want to pick up an unlocked Treo 650 GSM.

    Since Im not familiar with the US market - does Cingular, Verizon or any of those of providers have street shops which sell unlocked phones?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Both Verizon and Cingular sell the Treo 650 out of their retail stores.

    But, Verizon doesn't use GSM. They use CDMA. So buying one there won't help you.

    Cingular does use GSM but I don't think they sell them unlocked. You'd have to unlock it yourself.

    When you get there you might just grab the yellow pages and start calling cellular phone dealers in the Miami area to see if they have unlocked GSM Treos for sale.

    You might also try places like Comp USA, Best Buy etc.
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    No luck in any of those places. Either they dont come unlocked or only sell CDMA.

    ANY other suggestions of shops in Miami are greatly apprecitated.
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    How about calling one of the Palm One retail stores?

    The closest one to you would be in the Atlanta airport. Maybe they would overnight it to where you're staying.

    Worth a shot.
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    Thanks for the advice igreenberg.

    I have found an ebay seller which seems to be able to deliver fast and cheap.

    If anyone else knows of any stores, Im still interested.
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    Forget Pa1mOne.Com: the lame online site only accepts credit cards if they are issued from a US-based bank. I live in Trinidad and was fortunate to be travelling to LA last February where I bought mine at Century City.

    Check out the US website of Expansys at
    You should be able to get one there.
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    Checkout downtown miami near bayfront. There's tons of shops around there that sell unlocked phones and etc to tourists...
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