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    Hey all,

    I finally got around to trying the copy of AIM I used to use on my T3 on my unlocked GSM 650 (version "1.2 (Build 2)") and it works fine!

    Server side buddy lists even work


    The best feature is also the cause for resets:

    When you exit the app, and then return, you are not disconnected! Your conversations are still there, and waiting IM's are delivered upon your return.

    But, as said, this is also the cause of resets. If you exit AIM without actually clicking the "Sign off" button and your Treo resets (manually or automatically) before you have clicked it, the reset loops will start.

    HOWEVER, there is a fix

    Do a "warm" reset (hold the Up button during the reset) and you will be able to get to the launcher. Use FileZ (or any other app that can access prefs) and remove the entry in Saved Preferences for AIM (creator code: AOLA). This is enough to allow you to reboot normally ending the reset loops and all you have to do is enter your user/pass combo again!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ask me to supply the file though. I'm sure someone else can do that. There are reasons I can't. Please respect.

    Also, to you Mac heads .Mac screen names are not allowed to be used for login, and you can't see or converse with .Mac users either

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    Nice to hear you got it working. I use it everyday, never created a work around, and not once has it caused any resets so maybe it could just be a conflict with another app installed in your phone. I don't know what version I have but it works so that is good enough for me. Anybody else use their AOL IM without a problem ?
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    ehosey, can you please confirm what version you are running.

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