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    Quote Originally Posted by unclejung
    While I love my 650, there is one thing that really bothers me compared to a good old Palm (any will do): not being able to turn on the thing and be exactly where I was when I turned if off.
    How are you turning yours off and on??? Mine starts up right where I left it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arognlie
    How are you turning yours off and on??? Mine starts up right where I left it.
    I either use the red button or let the thing power itself off after 2 minutes of idle. I turn it on with the green button, unless I want to get into Calendar or the messaging app then I would use one of the blue buttons. When I use the green button to power on the thing would always go to the phone app.
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    Man, I never knew the green button would power the Treo up....use the RED button to turn it on, too. That always takes you back to where you were.
    Handspring Prism ---> PalmOne Treo650
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    TriangleRocks: Ah, I now know why. I have an app called Today installed and set to always run when the red button pushed (not intentionally). I now changed it to run only if the 650 has been off for at least 1 hour. Much better. Thanks.
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    The calendar and messaging buttons will also turn the phone on, but obviously take you to their respective applications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseus
    More information, please: unlocked GSM model? firmware version? (1.14 or 1.15?)
    Unlocked GSM, Bought in HK in late Feb

    Firmware 1.14

    Software: Treo650-1.05-ROW

    Hardware: A

    Only problem, apart from some initial 3rd party app problems, is a very occasional freeze. 3 freezes in 3 weeks, about a week apart. Looking into replacing the Gemplus SIM card to see if that stops the freezes.
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