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    I am using KeySuite and really like it...but for one thing. If I get a phone number with Directory Assistant or Express and send it to contacts, it doesn't go to my contacts. Apparently it defaults to the Palm address book...which doesn't even appear to be on my Treo anymore. Is there any way around this? BTW, I have a Treo 600.
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    I don't have KeySuite, but I do have Beyond Contacts from Dataviz (the Docs to Go guys). BC also has their own databases for contacts/calendar/tasks/notes that correspond much better than the palm ones with Outlook. But the main reason I got BC was that it also synchronizes certain fields in the contacts with the palm database (name, company, phone number, and emails, i think). This means that caller id works and any phone numbers added in by DA will go into your Contacts. The one minor drawback is that the synchronization only happens on hotsyncs. But in general, I think this works out quite well for me. Anyways, this probably doesn't help you very much since you already have keysuite, but I highly recommend Beyond Contacts.

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