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    This has happened the last few times I hotsynced. During the "cleanup" phase, I was told that "You now need to reset your handheld computer by tapping the button below". If I do not press the reset button, after a minute or so, it would reset itself. Wonder if anybody has this problem, and how I should solve it? What makes it worse, when I do the reset, it freezes on the "Palm Powered" logo, and I would have to reset it again. I have to keep resetting for maybe 3 or 4 times before the homepage appears. Can anybody enlighten me on the possible causes, or do I have a bad unlocked unit?
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    There seems to be something coming over in the hotsync causing that. That usually happens when you install a new app that requires resetting, but apparently in your case its gone haywire.

    You need to start removing apps, starting with the last one, to see if you can find the culprit. Its a process of elimination. Sorry.
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    Hey Z...if he tries the ##377 will that most likely show him a hotsync error or would it give him the error causing the reset?
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    I don't think it would show an error at all. It's normal for some apps to trigger the display of that message, so I doubt the OS would consider it an error.
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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. When I pressed #*377, it said "A crash occurred on 3/8/05 at 10:15 p.m. while running "Phone" : Fatal Exception.

    I do not have any extra apps installed - I just use the device as a phone, PDA and web-browsing. Do you think I ought to call Palm and have them send me a replacement?
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    Start by taking a look inthe hotsync log. See what it is installing...

    Something like -->
    HotSync operation started 03/08/2005 12:33:39 PM
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\xxxx\yyyy.prc
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\xxxx.\yyyy.prc
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\xxxx\yyyy.prc
    OK Install
    at the top of the log...
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    Below is what hotsync log says of the last entry - is it normal to have all these backups? Also, should it take about 2 minutes for each hotsync?

    HotSync operation started for XXXXX on 03/09/05 10:00:04

    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    OK Media
    OK Memos
    OK Calendar
    OK Contacts
    OK Tasks
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\BiG2.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Blazer_Bookmarks.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Blazer_Cookies.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Blazer_Field_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Blazer_Find_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Blazer_URL_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\PrograFiles\Palm\X\backup\CalendarLocationsDB-PDat.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\CarrierProfiles.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\ChineseChessDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\CitiesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\CurrentCarrier.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\DocsToGo.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\DSLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XX\backup\DXTGAttachmentPlugin.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\GalaxDB.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\HSTraceDatabase.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\LauncherDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\locLCusLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\locLDefLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MailDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Messages_Database.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\midataidcache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MIDI_Ring_Tones.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache0.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache1.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache3.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache4.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache5.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache6.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MMIDCache7.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MSLSA_Data.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXX\backup\MultiMail_Attachments.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XX\backup\MultiMail_Disconnected.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\MultiMail_Messages.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\NetworkDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\NetworkProfiles.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\PhoneCallDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\PhoneFavorites2DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Queries.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SheetToGo.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SMS_Addresses.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SMS_Domains.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SMS_Quicklist.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SMS_QuickText.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SolitaireFreeData.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\SS_P2P.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXX\backup\System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\System_Ring_Tones.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\VendorsDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\WineScore-Data.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\WineScore.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\WordToGoFonts.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\WordView_.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\XXXX\backup\WP_P2P.PRC
    OK Restore

    HotSync operation completed on 03/09/05 10:01:49
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    Quote Originally Posted by caltreo
    is it normal to have all these backups?
    My guess is the Treo is doing a restore because of a hard reset. Those "backups" are from your user backup folder on the PC.
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    I have not done a hard reset in the last 10 days, but this problem only surfaced in the past 2-3 days. So should I delete these all the backup folders from my PC? What I don't understand is why it freezes on the Palm Powered logo for at least 3 times before I can get it working properly.
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    Hey all, from my experience with hotsync. everytime I hotsyn the T-650 does a soft reset, i check my Hotsync. log and tells me everything is OKAY, no problems. Have any of you had the same issue????
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrusinG35
    Hey all, from my experience with hotsync. everytime I hotsyn the T-650 does a soft reset, i check my Hotsync. log and tells me everything is OKAY, no problems. Have any of you had the same issue????
    It does the same on my 650 when I have low memory - I have done several hard resets and it will work fine until my memory drops about 5-7 MB remaning.

    Curious to know how much you memory you have remaining?

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    How do you check how much memory remains?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrusinG35
    Hey all, from my experience with hotsync. everytime I hotsyn the T-650 does a soft reset, i check my Hotsync. log and tells me everything is OKAY, no problems. Have any of you had the same issue????
    I had this issue after I downloaded Butler but since I have upgraded to the latest version, the problem has resolved. If you are running that program it could be the culprit.....though so could dozens of other programs.
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    Thanks for the replies!!!
    1) Madhope I have about 12megs available system memory. The original issue I had installed "Backup buddy" and I was not able to hotsync at all any more. I Uninstalled BB and saved my profile folder and removed the Palm software and reinstallled the Palmone software. The beauty about the hotsyn was it reinstalled all of my contacts,memo, calender back ontu the desktop. And yes Backup buddy was uninstalled from the Treo650's system memory and SD trace, BEFORE the hotsyn.Essentially cleared both the PC and the PDA of B.B.

    2)Stringbeanie i DO NOT have Butler installed, the only apps I have installed are Epocrates and Kinoma, both programs were added and ran for 2 weeks before the next app. I can say without doubt that both run flawlessly w/o any hangups whatsoever.

    Just a thought when I reinstalled the P1 software it was getting new updates from P1 for the software, perhaps this was a software upgrade???? Have to look on P1 site to see if they released a new version.

    Any thoughts, please chime in????
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    My resets from Hotsync got fixed when I removed Doc to Go, which the installation was corrupted and they sent me a file to clean out the damaged preference settings then they talked me through reinstalling Doc to Go.

    After that most of my problem disappeared totally.

    And yes, it does reset when installing new apps that need it.

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    I read on another post that I can try unchecking the "Enable local time" in Prefs. So I did that, plus I deleted the Mail2 account in Versamail, since auto sync never worked anyway. (Web-based hotmail with EDGE speed is good enough for me.) Doing both eliminated the reset problem on hotsync.
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    Caltreo, any chance the action for the system conduit is set to Desktop Overrides Handheld? It is trying to restore your handheld every sync... If you have not hard reset, I'm not sure why else it would want to do that.

    I'd guess that if you add a bookmark, then hotsync, it'll be gone...
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    Robbalazx, I did try to set Desktop Overrides Handheld - how did you know???? The reason I did that is because I add new Calendar items at my desk all the time, so Desktop is more current. Should I do it the other way around. i.e. Handheld Overrides Desktop? Also, I am not sure what you mean by "adding a bookmark, then hotsync" - I just checked the manual, and gathered that bookmarks are like webpages I want to access quickly, right? So which bookmark do I add? Sorry for being very ignorant ...
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    I'm talking specifically about the system conduit, NOT the Calendar or Contacts or Install or anything else. I believe that setting the System conduit to Computer overrices Handheld will reinstall all of the apps from the computer to the handheld (like the recovery from a hard reset). Ya DON'T want the System conduit set that way.

    My only point about the bookmarks is that since in your hotsync log, it showed the bookmark file being restored from the desktop, if you were to go to a web page on the Treo, add it as a book mark, then hot sync, I'd bet that it gets overriden from the desktop.

    Long story short, if your System conduit is set to desktop overrides handheld, switch it to Handheld overwirtes Desktop, sync again and you should notice a much shorter sync, and no reset.
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    Wow Robbalazs, I changed it to "handheld overrides desktop", and voila, the hotsync only took like 10 seconds as opposed to the 2-3 minutes or so from before! Better yet, no reset. Thanks for your help!
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