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    When you set the desktop to overwrite the treo it causes a reset. This does not occur when you go the other way where the treo overwrites the desktop.
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    Do you actually have a conduit in the "Custom..." area labeled "System conduit"? I do not see one like that...could you please explain in a little more detail?

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    Caltreo, glad that worked for you.

    Peridoc, the last entry in the conduit list (Custom...) is "System". It is what is used to back up the Treo files to the desktop. It has options for Handheld overwrites Desktop (the normal setting), Desktop overwrites Handheld (to restore the handheld from a hotsync backup), and do nothing.
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    Robbalazs, I do not use Outlook, so am I doing the following correctly? I did my "Handheld overrides desktop" on the Palm Desktop screen on my computer. Under the Hotsync list, I go to the top item - "Custom", then to "Backup" -then "Handheld overrides desktop". But I notice that for every single conduit, I can choose between "Handheld overrides desktop", "Desktop overrides handheld", "synchronize the files" or "do nothing". I checked "synchronize the files" for all except under "backup", where I do not have that choice, so I checked "Handheld overrides desktop". I also have an annoying problem of my old Calendar events being purged and archived after a week, or at the most, a month. I need to keep all events since I refer back to them, e.g. when I need to see when the children's last eye exam was etc. This was the reason that I changed it to "Desktop overrides handheld" in the first place, since I can get back all that info from the archive. Would you know a way not to have the handheld automatically purging and archiving? I asked this on another thread, but people kept thinking that I was using Outlook, and gave advise that did not pertain to my case.
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    caltreo - I do use Outlook, and don't use palm desktop, so probably won't be of much help. I don't know what is purging the old calendar entries, I don't have that issue with Outlook (set to sync the files).

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