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    I just got the 650, have the right sim card and am ready to sync up to my Now Up to date software. I wanted to ask you all if you had any advice or warnings before I screw something up.
    Thanks for the help.
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    I use Now up to Date and Contact and it works great with the 650. A few suggestions:

    - Back up your Now data before you do anything
    - On the first sync, set both Up to Date and Contact to overwrite your handheld. After the first sync, check the data on the Treo. If it looks good, change the conduit settings on both programs to syncronize
    - In the Up to Date Conduit, you'll see an option for "format data." Unless you are running Datebook5 on your Treo, choose "standard datebook."

    These suggestions are all based on my use of a Mac running 10.2.8 and now 10.3.6. I have never had a problem with the Now software and I'm looking forward to their soon to be released version 5 upgrade.

    Good luck
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    i am using now up to date with windows (XP Pro) and it's been a nightmare. See my later post. The synching is very very inconsistent. Data gets lost/dropped easily from either desktop or treo. Don't know where to turn next.
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    Before I do this, one more question. Since I have used another palm with nowsoftware, do I really need to install the software from the treo? Won't that change the conduits back to the palm desktop?
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    Just my info on syncing Now, I have found that if I (on a Mac) select the Datebook option, it is the ONLY way that my categories will sync over. I donít know if that is with everyone, but on the 650 it is for me. Eventhough I donít use datebook (I used to but I like the agenda view from the palm version better), it is the only way I have found for that to happen - I need the categories and I like the color dots.

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    Bethg: see the other thread you posted in, if you still need help. Obviously you have some settings wrong, or need to start over. I know I can help you with this, and it also sounds like izzideluxe can too. His comments above are exactly "right on"

    Also, one more comment to add to his, do NOT sync NUDC data with more than one computer, unless you want to change conduit settings each and every time to protect your data. You are just asking for trouble. Its kind of like the joke where the patient tells the doctor "Doc, it hurts when I do THIS" and the Doctor says "Well don't DO that then!"
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    I have done the sync, it worked with izzidelux' advice, along with these steps
    1. back up data to newly named file.
    2. Open up the newly named file and check "use as my primary file" in Now software opener.
    3. When the Treo asks which ID to link to, connect to the new file name.
    This protects your other data in case something crazy happens, which I am told does.
    4. Go through your contacts and clean up where Now software puts phone #s in custum fields.

    Your memos are still conduited to palm, I exported memo's to a file with the same name as the one my treo connected to. That is how memo's go to the treo.

    Whew, such an ordeal.
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    Glad you got it working Barber. I've been using the Now software since version 1.0 and run my business (and life) off of it.

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