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    Are these two compatible? I checked the CE II website and it lists the T600 but not the 650

    I have the software and everything works fine on the palm side but when I plug in the usb connector and click connect on the palm, my computer recognizes the palm, then the USB mass storage device, but then I get a message saying that the software did not install correctly or something to that effect...anyone else having this problem? Is there additional software I need to download onto my comp first?
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    Do you have the lastest version of Card Export II? I use it without problems, versoin 2.16

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    Yup, use card export II as well with no issues...
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    Same like a charm.
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    yup, thanks guys. you were right crc, needed to v. 2.16
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    Wow...what a great program. This app will make major inroads to the Palm community once the LifeDrive is released!

    um, not bad for the T650 either! (Esp, with a 2GB Ultra II SD card!) Glad I upgraded from my T600! Now version 2.19 "extreme" has been released. I'll be getting this after I get my T650 cradle!

    Then imagine apps like mDesk, in conjunction with Card ExportII...couldya run two apps at once like this...?
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    What's new in 2.19 vs "2.19 extreme" vs 2.16?

    I started out with 2.19 extreme and it works very well. The transfers are slow (compared to a USB2 card reader), but that's probably because of the limitations of the Treo hardware ...
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