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    When I insert the charge/sync cable into my T650 the charge light does not come on my T650. I have to play with the plug a bit for it to work.

    Althought if I use just the power plug seperate from the sync plug it works fine.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Just started for me. I'm hoping someone has found a way around this.

    Or heck, just share you're dealing with it too if you're in my boat.
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    I'm with you!!!

    Its a bit temperamental. Sometimes I have to wiggle it to make it work. (That didnt sound right). Oh well....
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    The connector is one thing in the T600 that was superior to the T650. Going to this P1 connector is a bit of a step backwards.

    I'm really concerned that it might stop working all together at some point...
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    Why does Palm refuse to use a simple barrel connector for power supplies? It would be sooooooo much easier and solid a connection. Just like - WHY CAN'T THEY JUST USE A STANDARD USB D CONNECTOR? Third parties offer USB hotsync/charge cables; if there are enough data lines at the USB end into the computer, why wouldn't the D connector on the other end handle all of the load now carried by the flimsy, wide, and fragile spade type connectors.

    Oops, what's wrong with me, I forgot all the proprietary connector revenues they'd lose (this goes for PPC as well).
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    Its typical anti-competitive behavior is what it is....

    MS is how many times bigger than Apple? Still companies never learn! (Not intended as a slight against any Apple users out there. Just mentioning how Apple's old "closed hardware with our OS" model has cost them market share big time.)
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    Same thing here darnell. Got a retractable Martin Fields sync & charge usb cable. The light does not come on, and I have to play a bit with the Treo end plug. Keep adjusting until the light comes on. Flimsy and I don't know when it'll break. Probably when I'm travelling and need to charge it most.

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