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    Locating the little triangle on the charger plugs ( home and car ) and then plugging it into the treo with the correct orientation used to be a daily struggle.

    To remedy that situ, I found some small 3/16"diameter glow in the dark stickers, (they remain even partially luminescent for many hours after being charged with light). Then I double wrapped scotched taped the stickers to the plug side with the arrow on it.

    presto, now you will not have to fumble so much in the dark with the silly treo plug. Enjoy.
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    Hence why the cradle would be so nice.
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    you can also get glow tape and glow paint at a lot of places. We use a lot of the glow tape & Paint in the community theater I am involved with, so I put a bit on both the sync plug and the car phone plug. Helps quite a bit.

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