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    What format should I format my phone/addresses into so I can import them into the Visor? Should I use outlook/or should I update Act! or some other contact manager?
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    I use Outlook 2000. it works great.
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    In what program/format are your phone/addresses originally in? This might help in some of the answers.

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    They are in different places, some in Act!, some in InControl, some in old fashion phonebooks...This is one reason I need a Visor! I am a week away from picking up my Visor, and I would like to have the data ready to sync, instead of typing into the Visor. Should I put them into Outlook Express 98? Will the Visor come with software to sync with this? Should I spend the time to enter all of them into outlook express? I can get them into rows and columns in a text file pretty easily, but I don't know if this will do me any good...

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    This is gonna get tricky since the sources are not only in different locations but different formats. I'm sure there are multiple ways of handling this; I'll just mention what comes off the top of my brain at the moment

    1) Back up all electronic data.

    2) Settle on one PIM/contact manager. Whether that will be Act!, Outlook or even the Palm Desktop, chose one for now-- the "now" being used for data import/collection.

    In fact, if you want to take a peek at the Palm Desktop, you can get a head start by downloading it from the Handspring web site.

    3) No matter which PIM/contact manager you use, you will have to perform a fair amount of either importing or hand entering the data. One note on Act!-- You would need an additional piece of software (purchased, not free) to enable synchronization between your Visor and Act!. The software that comes with your Visor will support Outlook 97/98/2000 for PIM and Outlook Express for E-Mail. Just keep a note on that.

    You might find that putting all of the data into a spreadsheet might be more managable, for the purposes of importing it into the desired PIM/contact manager of choice and then using it to transfer it over to your Visor. If you chose this method, you might find that using the Palm Desktop as a reference point might be easier. Take a look at this link and pay particular attention to item #3.

    Using the Palm Desktop, I would create a dummy record in the Palm Desktop, populating all fields with dummy values and then export it out as a CSV file. Then, using Excel, I'd take a look to see how they're mapped out. That would be my template I'd use to add the data from the other sources.

    Once I've gotten all the data into the spreadsheet, I'd then import that into the Palm Desktop and then synch that over to the Visor.

    Why not use Outlook or Act! for this? Unless things have changed, when you instal the HotSync Manager, you also have the ability to install the Palm Desktop as well--- you don't have to use the Palm Desktop after importing but it may make it easier to get the data into your Visor. After that, you can go play with the supercharged PIMs.

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