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    Hi everyone, first post.

    Does it bother you that with all the capabilities of the Treo 600 there isn't a single online poker game available? My girlfriend's cheap Verizon LG phone has two or three available to download! Is Palm developement more dead than a propretery cell phone OS?
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    Doesn't bug me a bit. Are those VZW downloads online poker (where you play against real people) or just applications (where you play against the computer). If it's the latter, I'm sure there are a ton of applications.
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    No, at least two of these games are against real players. There are lots of games with online interaction on these phones.

    Please, nobody mention VNC as a solution!
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    Been looking for an online poker game for Palm as well....preferably one for real money
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    I've seen this on PalmGear from time to time, although it looks as if it hasn't been updated in a while:


    I've never tried it, so I have no details.

    Maybe you should write to and get them to develop one. They seem to have enough money for all these eBay auctions and whatnot that I'm sure they could hire a developer and turn something out.
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    I'd love to get a online poker game for the Treo to play against you guys.
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