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    I just got my seidio G2100M. I was excited to have a way to use my wired Haicom 204S and my BT headset, but now I am not excited. It seems that when the Treo 650 is plugged into the G2100M, the BT headset connects for a second and then disconnects. The G2100M has a 4 ring plug for the audio that plugs into the 650. All my headsets were 3 ring? It seems either the connections on the audio plug or the universal connector is making the phone disconnect the BT signal.

    Can anyone help?
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    I just removed the 4 pin connector and use it as a car charger and holder
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    I did the same thing after Seidio said that would work. They confirmed the CDMA 650 worked, but were troubleshooting the GSM version.

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