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    I love my 650 and it is a vital business tool. But, sometimes I only need a phone - nites, weekends, leisure times. Recently added an unbranded, unlocked Moto V3 to my stable, and using Moto Phone Tools software, was able to sync all of my contacts and calendar data from Outlook (same as my 650). I simply swap my sim from the 650 to the V3 when I want to go light. What would make this a perfect solution is a cloned a sim so that I would not have to swap. Anyone know if this is possible? Cingular is my provider.
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    I have a cloned SIM using SIM Master. It only works with certain SIMs (older ones) I don't know if it would work with Cingular (mine is a Fido SIM)...also certain phones, such as my backup Samsung D500 will not accept the cloned SIM, although most phones do (I used to use it with various Motorolas so your phone would not be a problem, but your SIM might be of the newer variety).
    You can google SIM Master kit (comes with a blank SIM that holds up to 8 different phone numbers) to see if it would work with your SIM...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 650now
    I love my 650 and it is a vital business tool. But, sometimes I only need a phone...
    I have the same thought!
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    Looks like a clone may not be such a good idea after all. Oh, well...
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    Joolsca, I have a Rogers SIM in my unlocked 650. I also have a Motorola v60. I love the idea of not having to switch a single SIM card between devices when I want to 'go lite'. Do you know if a cloned SIM would work in the v60 on Rogers?


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    Like many Treo 650 users I sometimes want to take a plain phone with me. It's nice to travel "lite" sometimes (and also I prefer not to take my Treo 650 when engaged in high-energy activities.)

    My solution involves using a Tracfone (a prepaid phone.) This does mean that I have to have a second cellular account, but Tracfone lets you buy a bucket of minutes for an entire year, which eliminates the psychological pain of another monthly bill.

    My Tracfone also is AMPS, which means that it will work in some rural areas where my Treo 650 doesn't get reception.

    When I want to use my Tracfone, I just press the speed-dial button on my Treo, which includes the GSM code for automatically forwarding calls to my Tracfone's number. GSM codes are here: (Obviously, this only works with GSM Treos.) When I want to use my Treo again, I just press the speed dial button that contains the GSM codes to reverse the process.

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