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    Which apps are battery killers? My Treo 600 drops about 10% per hour. At the end of the work day its almost dead. When it was new out of the box the battery seemed to last forever. Even with the radio off, I still loose 10% per hour. A list of apps rated by their power drain would be outstanding. Anyone up to the challange?
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    I just got a new T600 (this is actually my third) My phone has been draining by 10 am every morning. This "turbo drain" is pissing me off, I am going to demand an upgrade
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    drain by 10am is bad; 10% per hour is semi-reasonable if you're running a background radio user, like Verichat or Chatter or period email. 10% per hour when the radio is off is unreasonable, unless you're using it a lot (screen drain).
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    That is what is crazy, This is my third Treo the last two had unrelated problems. But this one I have been using less than the other three, but running snapper mail and an occasional Mp3 but really I am using it less than before. On my last T600 i could do the following with out a charge

    Use the Palm IR keyboard for 2 hours
    Use snapper at 5 minute checks all day
    And listen to 45 of Mp3
    Plus talk about 1 hour
    and still have about 1/3 of the battery left.

    Now by 10 am I am on the charger!
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    I regularly go about 2-3 days on one charge using 20-30mins per day...
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    An external battery gives an extra eight hours of use. At least I can get through a day off a single charge. Still, 18 hours of standby is very poor for any device. If it wasn't for the awsome functionality, I'd scrap my Treo and go back to my Nokia phone and 200 hours of standby.
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    I stll have my origianal Sprint Treo 600 since Oct 2003 and battery is still fine. I charge every night usually with about 30-40% left.

    I wil state the obvious but it helped me:

    Set the "Auto-Off After" for 1 min instead of 2 or 3. I've learned to live with it and it's really not a problem. This definitely saves battery power.

    Also make sure that your "Beam Received" is off.

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    When I was on vacation and using a foreign SIM that didn't allow GPRS usage last summer, I ran my 600 as a PDA/phone. That is, no data services, no Chatter, etc. In this mode it lasted several days without needing a charge. That was with reasonable cell phone usage (voice and SMS).

    Now, with fairly heavy GPRS usage (Chatter and Causerie always on, Snapper occasionally) and PDA and phone usage, my 600 will last all day. Some days of very heavy usage (if I reset and download a few new versions of SW or decide I need to restart the 600 a few times after well intentioned beta's lead me astray) will lead me to top up with the car charger or USB cable, but they are not necessary usually.

    P.S. Beam recieve is off also ;-)
    P.P.S. Seem to oscillate between 2 and 3 minutes for auto-off
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    This may not apply because you're on your third replacement,but does your phone fall in the Bad ESN range which is well documented elsewhere on the TC forum.

    My 14 month old Sprint 600 started experiencing massive battery drain and rather than risk a potentially worse hardware replacement I replaced the battery.

    I bought one from and this is my 3rd day and so far so good.
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    I turned the radeo off and pulled the SIM for a night with no change to battery drain.
    When I first got my Treo battery life was awsome. Then one day it seemed to go to crap. I talked to an ATT/Cingular rep who said she had received email from corporate on the subject. But no fix info.
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    GoodLink really drains the battery.
    Be sure to check out SmartDeviceResource!

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    when I enable custom sounds under the sound manager in megalauncher it cuts my batter life to 1/4 of what it usualy is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robin24k
    GoodLink really drains the battery.
    It's not really GoodLink per se as that will happen any time you are running an app that keeps the data connection alive (mail apps auto-fetch, IM, etc).

    As puyi mentioned, check out the thread on the "Network search/battery problem" at

    I lived through that one and never had a problem with the replacement.
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    A week ago after installing upgraded Chatopus version my T600 started to drain the battery. It turned out that the badly installed app was the cause of the problem. I installed version 1.82 on top of version 1.8, but I didn't install all four required files. Chatopus is one of those background running apps and for some reason version difference between the files caused inactive Chatopus to drain the battery the way it does when connected.
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    Personal experience here: Chatter will drain your treo in a heartbeat! Verichat uses WAY less power!!! these are the only two "drainers" i have really used but the difference is like night and day!

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