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    Many of you have suffered the bug when Documents to Go resets when trying to open a file. has posted this "fix"... Worked for me so here it is:

    This error message can occur when your System preferences database becomes corrupted.

    This is a Palm preference that is saved to your hard drive at the end of every Hotsync operation.

    Saved preferences from older handheld models, such as the m500, or Handspring Treo 90 are not compatible with today?s new Palm OS 5.0 devices, such as new Tungsten or Treo models.

    Many third party applications, as well as Documents to Go, rely on databases on the handheld not being corrupt or inappropriate for the handheld.

    When you synchronize the first time with your computer using the new handheld, and use the existing user name from the old handheld, the saved preferences overwrite what is on the new handheld and cripple applications. They will not run correctly.

    If you have already uninstalled and reinstalled Documents to Go, and are still receiving soft resets, please follow the steps below

    Uninstall Documents To Go from the Computer:
    1. From the Start menu, select Settings: Control Panel.
    2. Double-click to open the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
    3. Choose Documents To Go from the list of software applications and click Add/Remove.
    4. Click Yes to confirm deletion of Documents To Go. Windows will then uninstall the software.

    Uninstall Documents To Go from the Handheld:

    1. Click on the PRC DataVizTech, and save it to your desktop
    2. Double click on the PRC, which is now on your desktop. It will go into Palm's Quick Install, and be queued for the next HotSync
    3. Hotsync
    4. On the handheld, open the application DataVizTech
    5. Choose the third option, uninstall Documents to Go.

    Check your System/Backup Conduit to make sure your data is going to be backed up:

    1. Click the Start menu.
    2. Select Programs/ Palm Desktop/ Hot Sync Manager.
    3. At the bottom right where your time is you will see a Hot Sync icon. (Red and blue circle)
    4. Click the icon then choose Custom.
    5. Select System in the conduit list. **Note, the last conduit on newer devices may be called ?Backup?
    6. Then click the Change button.
    7. Set the sync method to Handheld Overwrites Desktop.
    8. Make this the default, check the box.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Click done.

    Then, you need to perform these steps to remove the corrupt Saved_preferences.prc file:


    *It is important to synchronize before a hard reset to ensure your information is backed up on the desktop computer.


    Hold down the power button on the front panel of the handheld.

    While holding down the power button, use the reset tip tool (or similar object without a sharp tip), to gently press the reset button inside the hole on the back panel of your handheld.

    Release the reset button.

    When the logo screen appears on the screen, release the green power button.

    When the message appears on the handheld screen warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your handheld press the upper half of the scroll button on the front panel of the handheld to complete the hard reset and display the Digitizer screen.
    Pressing any other button will perform a soft reset. (which is not correct)


    Go to C:\Palm or C:\Program Files\Palm\Username Folder*\Backup Folder
    * This directory may be different depending on your handheld manufacturer. Additionally, the username folder will not be called "Username" It will be a variation of your HotSync username.
    Open the Backup Folder and find the file "Saved_Preferences.PRC"
    Delete this file


    When the file has been deleted, synchronize your handheld. During the synchronization, select the appropriate handheld user that you wish to synchronize with.

    Reinstall Documents to Go
    Redownload a new copy of Documents to Go

    Reinstall the application following all prompts
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    i could of sworn I saw thet a couple of weeks agao when I had this problem. Doc 2 go would crash when trying to open an excel file.

    I didnt want to do all the above, so I used their tech tool to remove doc 2 go from my treo. then I reinstalled from the desktop component.

    has worked since.
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    I just had this problem again. Since it seems to be related to the Saved Preferences db, I restored that file from my BackupMan backup made this morning, and all seems to be working ok. I only have the problem with spreadsheets; word documents seem unaffected. I am increasing the frequency of my backups to head this off in the future. Thank goodness for my backups.

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