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    I successfully installed my Treo 650 on my iMac but now want to add a third-party application which is only available for PC's. I had an earlier version of my "new" (third-party) application successfully beamed to me onto my Treo 650 the other day. Everything worked except the page up and down function. Then I saw an updated version of this desired "new" application indicating it works well with Treo 650. I have both my iMac and a PC available to me and I have downloaded the desired application from the internet. It now resides on the desktop of my iMac and on my PC desktop. Can I have my Treo synch with both a Mac and a PC and identify only the applications I want synched with each? I would use a different name for each computer. Where and how would I identify the new synch options set-up for a third-party application? Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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    If you do most of you syncing on the Mac, go to your PC and configure Palm Desktop to only install applications and synchronize that particular conduit.
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    I sync regularly with a Mac @ home and PC @ work. They have different programs that have managed to sync flawlessly. The important thing is to change your conduit to "do nothing" on the Mac/PC that does not contain the particular program.

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