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    I'm still a little confused by the Kinoma pricing. Is this correct?

    Kinoma Producer 3: $29
    Kinoma Player 3 EX: $19
    Kinoma Player 3 Basic: Free

    I'm on a Mac, and I tried the HandBrake + Quicktime Pro route, but my movies didn't have any sound. Kinoma works well, but I hope I don't have to pay $50 to use it. I'm quite happy with the quality of the Kinoma native files.
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    Sunny, the only issue of the Kinoma native files is the size (they are huge) compared with the MPEG 4 files that producer 3 lets you create.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    Does anyone know if EyeTV is as good as BeyondTV? Does anyone have it?
    I don't know how well BeyondTV works, but eyeTV has been great for me, I got it from ebay for $80. the quality isn't as great as DVD, more like VCD quality, but it's pretty easy. I use Time Warner Cable, so that's made it more difficult to use, let me explain. When I was on Optimum Online Cable, I was able to get all the basic channels with just the co-ax. On time warner, you're limited to only a few channels, so you have no choice but to use the cable box, that's a real pain in the ***.

    EyeTV also also you to record from VHS and DVD's too, just plug the desired player into the device. You can easily convert TV shows to quicktime, then use Kproducer to turn into a kinoma file, which you can play on your treo.
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    Found a coupon for $15 off a Kinoma Producer 3 & Kinoma Player 3 EX bundle, making it $34.98 instead of $49.98.

    If you go to this link from a PC, the PC version of Kinoma Producer appears in the cart; if you go to the link from a Mac, the Mac version of Kinoma Producer appears instead.

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