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    I have had my Treo 650 for 2 weeks and it has been working fine. Today I called Cingular tech support to update my calling plan from a GAIT plan to National GSM. I was going to save $5 a month and get an extra 50 minutes.

    The tech support rep assured me that everything went fine and there would be no changes to my contract other than swapping plans. However, the rep asked for my IMEI and SIM card numbers which he enterred into his system.

    About an hour later I got my first inbound call and all hell broke loose. The phone hung. After a soft reset it would show Searching Network... and never connect with Cingular. I tried multiple soft resets with no luck. Once I booted the phone without the SIM card and then booted it again with the SIM card. It would then showed Cingular, but the phone would lock up.

    A call back to Cingular tech support and they told me my SIM card needs replacing. I have a 32K Gemplus card which was working fine before the plan change. I thought the Cingular problem was with 64K Gemplus cards!? I drove over to the Cingular store where I was given a "64K SmartChip. The part number ends in A which I guess means it is from Axalto. Things seem back to "normal" but it was quite a mess.

    If I could only follow the rule that "If it ain't broke done fix it." But that's not my style.

    Lastly, I faxed in the paperwork to get my phone unlocked. Hopefully changing the SIM card wont effect the unlock code which I was told would be coming in about a week.
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    Interesting - I have a 32k Gemplus (ex-GAIT) card too, and I'm experiencing occasional resets with nothing but the ROM apps loaded. Like you, I thought the problem was only with the 64k cards. Can anyone clarify?
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    Can you make that unlock code public? I have Cingular, but I'm a former AT&T wireless customer. When I bought my 650 from PalmOne, I identified myself as a AT&T - Cingular customer. PalmOne sent the phone that was locked for AT&T.

    I found this out when I tried to upgrade my plan this weekend. The guy at the Cingular store tried to up a Cingular SIM in my phone but it didn't work. Every employee in the store tried to by pass the AT&T lock, but couldn't.

    I've had the phone past 30 days and I can't send it back now. My only hope for a bet ter Cingular plan is to get my hands on the code to unlock this AT&T Treo 650.

    Please help!
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    The code for each phone is different. His unlock code wont work on your treo...You have to get the unlock code yourself from AT&T

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