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    Got my new scala 500 with bluetooth adapter. Having a little problem getting the scala to turn off out of talk mode to stand by. In fact it wont turn off. Eveything is ok until I push the control button on the scala and turn on my phone...Im able to make a call and hang up the phone using my earpiece pushing the control button. The earpiece wont go to stand by unless I turn off the phone. It then goes into standby but with in about 30 seconds it goes into call mode...sounds like an open line and I am unable to turn it off with the control button. If I turn on my phone and then turn it off, the scala goes into stand by mode and then within 30 seconds its back on incall mode. I know its this normal? It cant be right. Paring issue, treo issue, or bad scala. Anyone can help it would beappreciated.
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    i am not sure, i have the bluspoon ax, but their tech support told me that my battery life will be shorter using a bluetooth adaptor( i have the a210) than a bluetooth enabled phone( e.g. treo 650) because the dongle is always on and stmulating the headset and thus preventing the ax from going into standby. A phone with built in bluetooth will go into standby and let the headset go into stanby too. You may be having similar issues

    on the bright side the bluetooth connection from these external connectors seems far superior to the built in bluetooth in the 650
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    Thanks for your response....I think the problem is that the treo 600 does not support automatic mode. The scala seems to work fine in manual mode. Bummer. Oh well its still nice not to have the cord dangeling from my ear.
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    I have the Sprint CDMA Treo 600... Mine is not working in Automatic mode either.

    TreoCentral's FAQ on the item sort of implies that it should work... See the FAQ "How do I setup the Adapter with my Treo 600?" under the following link:

    However, I've tried quite a few times (using both Scala's and TreoCentral's instructions), but it seems to come back to what they said in the user manual: If the beeping does not go away within a minute, the phone does not support automatic mode.

    If anyone has any feedback on this one (specifically, if you got the Treo 600 working in Automatic mode with the Scala adapter), let us know!

    In the meantime, I'm going to query TC to see what they have to say...
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    I've used the Treo 600 (Sprint PCS) in Automatic mode without any problems. I have tried it on the T-Mobile model and found it to have the same problem you were having, the connection never dropped when the call ended.

    Some versions of the Treo 600 work in Automatic mode, others don't.

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