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    My battery goes from 15% state of charge to "30 seconds till shut down" in about 10 minutes of talk time. I got so frustrated with this (and it was late at night, I was listening to my g/f blabber about her friend's evil b/f, and I knew I would be on the phone for a loooong time) sooooo, I tried to test this theory - is the battery really dangerously low when the 30 sec countdown starts??

    When the 30 second box shows up, the phone will automatically shut down, and as far as I know, there is no way around this. But if you give the phone a quick taste of the charger (just touch the contacts for not even half a second), the 30 seconds will reset back to the full 30 seconds. Briefly touching the contacts would not introduce enough charge to provide even a second of talk time so I continually drained the battery by tricking the phone.

    I counted each time I touched the contacts (my poor g/f didn't know the whole time). On average, I touched the contacts when the phone reached 1 or 2 seconds left before shut down. I counted 114 times that I swiped the contact before I started losing my mind. THE PHONE NEVER DIED. That comes to 32 minutes of talk time with the screen on FULL BRIGHT the entire time. Note that I was using an earpiece the whole time. So this makes me believe that the battery has sufficient energy left before the phone decides to give the 30 second death warning. I would guess at least 15-20% state of charge being that I only get about 2 1/2 - 3 hours of talk time out of my phone.

    Lithium chemistry batteries do not degrade faster if they are drained to a lower SOC (state of charge). So there is no reason why the phones should be programed to shut down with as much as 15-20% of charge still left. It's clearly selling the battery capacity short.

    A primitive, retarded, mostly non-conclusive test this may be, but I figured I should still post my findings. The only thing that's conclusive is that this phone has major battery drain, status/indicator issues.
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    I found your post really interesting and entertaining so thanks for sharing. One

    Question: it says in the manual that your battery will last longer if you give frequent top ups rather than always letting it drain to the end (unlike the old batteries with "memory",) but you seem to disagree with this so what is the deal with the type of battery in the 650?
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    Topping off the battery does not extend the life of the battery in any way, shape or form. No testing has ever proven this so I don't know why many companies suggest this (it's similar to the reasoning that many batteries have a "memory" problem - which for the most part isn't true). In fact, if you chat with any of the engineers with the actual manufacturers of these batteries (e.g. E-Moli, LG, Worley, etc), they will tell you that some Li-Ion chemistry batteries have a built in IC (the battery's brain) that renders the battery useless after a certain amount of charges REGARDLESS OF THE DOD (depth of discharge). Keep note that ALL Li-Ion batteries have this IC which "protects" the battery, some are just programmed differently to do different things. You need a special tool to "reset" the IC to use the battery again perhaps for several hundred more cycles. Li-Ion batteries rarely just die, rather, the IC will tell the battery to either stop providing current at the terminals or stop accepting current from a charging source. The actual cell itself could be in good shape, capable of a much longer life. I'm not a battery engineer but I do engineer power systems that utilize Li-Ion, NiMH, NiZn, and even PbA batteries. I talk to these engineers a lot and they all say the same thing - Charge em any way you like - and if you want to get the MAX cumulative mAh (or Ah depending on the capacity) out of a Li-Ion battery (even polymer) run them down till the IC cuts the juice. I hope this made sense.
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    I have to agree with __tcjohnsson__. From what I have read, these batteries have a "finite" number of charge cycles. I always try to drain my batteries to the lowest point before recharge. I totally disagree with palmOne about frequent topping off the battery from my own experiences. Somewhere I read the average Li_Ion battery has 300-500 number of charge cycles _Period._ I have had some devices that go way beyond this, but have had some die after 150 cycles also. Either way I enjoyed the original posters "test" also. L8R

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