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    Hi All:
    What programs can I move to an expansion card and free up space in the Treo main memory. I am using Act! for Palm, Avantgo, Documents to Go, Snapper as the main programs.
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    I've used PalmOS for a long time now, and have yet to get my Treo600 in the mail, so this information is based off of general Palm use...

    DxToGo you can put on the card
    Act! you can put on the card
    Snapper I *believe* you can put on the card

    Now...For AvantGo, the last I heard, you cannot put that on the card. I could be totally wrong here, but the last time I tried this, during the sync process, it gave big ole' errors.
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    ACT for Palm will not run on expansion cards - program or data.
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    On my Treo 600 SD card I have the following:
    All my games

    The following can be moved to the card but I've chosen not to:
    AvantGo (I think so, do a search)
    Docs to Go (but you need to use the special app obtained from DataViz web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amrcanpoet
    DxToGo you can put on the card
    Well... sorta.... You CAN use the tool that Dataviz supplies to move several (but not all) of the Docs to Go applications to the card. However, once they are on the card you basically can't use them... until you move them back into RAM. I've tried Inbox to Go, and in order to view pictures or other attachments in the email you need to close the program, open up the Dataviz Tech tool, go into "advanced options" and move the individual applications relevant to the attachments over to the "handheld," close that program and reopen Inbox to go -- THEN you can click on the attachment to view it. Once completed, you need to leave Inbox to Go, and reverse the process that you just went through in order to put the app(s) back on the card. Several minutes extra work, and lots of kludgy fooling around.

    On the Treo 600 it's merely misery. On the 650 it was excruciatingly painful. Whether the firmware update elevated it to "misery" status on the 650 has not yet been determined.

    The inability to properly use such a useful program such as Docs to Go on the Treo series is reason enough to quadruple the memory (at least) on the next Treo release. "Just move it over to the card and run it from there" is a stupid, inaccurate and IMHO dishonest statement from a company that is charging Six Hundred Dollars (and more) for these things. 5 months after release and PalmOne is STILL shipping them with the 32MB chip.. Not even a stopgap Treo 650v (or whatever) with extra memory until they get their act together shipping its successor..

    Why does the desire to view email attachments on a Treo make us unreasonable "power users" that are unworthy of consideration? Isn't PalmOne themselves touting this feature in their advertising?
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