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    Does anyone know of any bluetooth hybrid headsets for the 650??? There are tons of bluetooth handsfree headsets, and a few hybrid wired headsets for mp3 listening and handsfree phone use. But are there any bluetooth hybrids avaliable??? The only I saw on the new was by a company and they said that they were only avaliable in asia, and europe... Any info would be great...

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    the treo does not support the required A2DP profile in BT to support stereo- and thus no hybrid bt headsets...
    you might be able to get a BT dongle to pair with a hybrid headset but i dont know how the sound quality would be
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    OK, thanks... I kinda heard that but was not sure if it was true or not... That sucks...
    Wanted to consolidate without using the wires...

    Thanks again

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