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    I have recently purchased mmplayer for my Treo 650.

    I cannot get the program to do anything, except play MP3's. Everytime I try to load a file, change settings, change a skin, i either get a locked up phone, or an automatic reset. When trying to load an .avi file (anywhere from 25MB - 400MB) the program does nothing, i wait, and wait (the longest being 10 minutes) and nothing. I have read the user manual, which isnt any help, and searched the numerous threads about mmplayer, still nothing. I didnt buy the program just to take up mem. space, but so far, that's all its done.

    One time, and one time only did i hear about 1 second of sound from the .avi file i was trying to play, yet no video at all. Very quirky program. I have about 6.1MB free of internal memory, and 807 of external, so i doubt thats a problem. If anyone could shed some light on this "dud" program, i would greatly appreciate it.
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    You are aware that you have to re-encode your AVIs so that they are 20-24fps and 320x320 resolution maximum in XVID format?

    If you try to play most DIVX AVIs downloaded from the internet, no way your Treo will be able to play them properly.

    Try a file that someone else has played successfully on their Treo, and if that doesn't work, THEN you have problems.. let me know if you want something to test with.


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    yes, i have re-encoded the .avi file.

    I have followed (step-by-setp) the dvd rip guide located here
    and still nothing, i have uninstalled, and filed for a refund on my purchase, so that's that
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    I have the same problem. Can you PM me a link to a video file so I can test my Treo.

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    What kind of SD Card are you using? Is it a slow model?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aldamon
    What kind of SD Card are you using? Is it a slow model?
    Speaking of....what min. speed would you recommend for .avi playback? (I have a 512 Lexar sd card. I think it's on the low end, it was cheap)
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    I wouldn't buy anything less than a 45x Lexar at this point. 60x and higher cards are also cheap now. My inexpensive ATP is 60x and MM runs fine.
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    which version of mmplayer?

    i downloaded the one off Handango and it wouldn't do anything (wouldn't find the MP3s, would crash if I changed skins, etc.) downloaded the one off and it works better, lets me play MP3s, change skins, but crashes a few times.

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