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    I have searched for info on the board for help and can't find it, someone please help, my Treo is in this weird reset cycle that just keeps reseting itself over and over...what do I do?
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    You can enable debug mode by holding the up button on the DPAD and resetting the phone. Keep the up button depressed until it shows the round palm logo.

    I had this issue 2 days ago. It appears that PowerUp, when it expires, gives you an awesome feature of a reset loop!
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    OMG dude, thanks so much, wow, I love this board; I had a response in a matter of minutes....Thanks evilghost!
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    ok, maybe iospoke too soon. It seemed to work (the ending of the rest cycle or loop but started all over again when I tried to access the main menu??? I think It could be out of memory?? or a program I installed is making it go any case what do I do now?
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    Phone, ##377[Enter]

    Find the app causing the crash
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    I was reading on how to do that in the manual when you sent the last post....itsays:

    "a crash occured on 3/8/05 at 1:41 pm while running "contact"

    Line:3721, NULL handle"

    Now, the logical thing to do would be to press the home key and go in and delete that app, right? well when I hit the home key it sends it into the reset cycle of Hell, again.....ahrggggg
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    oh, BTW the phone radio won't go on and the time is all screwed up...
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    You install any type of memory management software, I forget the name of it, the one that adjusts available heap or something like that? That or your phone may just be out of memory....
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    Out of memory sounds about right, I should have deleted some stuff before I installed more is there an easy fix for that? I would hate to be without aphone for a week while I got a replacement, (not to mention all the info + software that I would have to re-install) can I get in to erase some programs?
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    I went in to "Phone info" and it does not have my phone number, PCS Vision Username, or ESN....
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    Do a Hard Reset and then go into %PROGRAM FILES%\PalmOne\[Hotsync Name]\Backup and move a few .PRCs out that you know you don't need right away. Hotsync back up and when asked, used the existing [Hotsync Name], it should restore all your software minus the .PRCs you moved out. Then take a look at your memory utilization and take it from there. At least you should have a working phone. Search the forum for the procedures on a HARD RESET if you haven't already.

    Hope this helped.
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    OK, the same thing happened to me within 10 hrs after purchasing my first T650. I had to take the battery out to turn off the unit.

    Basically... I took the thing back to the Sprint store where 5 minutes of careful analysis, the service rep declared it a "bad phone" and gave me a new one. Ace, I don't know how long you've had your Treo, but this may be your best bet.
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    did a hard reset but the problem again is that it sends it into that reset cycle.....
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    THanks Doc...that's Probably what I'll do...considering my P key doesn't wprk either.....

    Now, here's the 599.99 Dollar I have to pay for the replacement (under the sprint replacement program) and is it counted as a replacement, etc. or is it still under manufactures warranty....or what????


    What do I do to back up all the stuff? (all those endless hours of entering names, phone #'s and addresses? (isn't it backed up?)
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    Good questions. I think it depends on how long you've had the Treo. I believe that the problem you're describing is so clearly an internal software flaw that they should replace it. I know people on this board that have gotten free replacements for lesser problems.

    Regarding the backup- there's a chance this might work:

    A few years back I had major hot-synch issues with my palm 505 and couldn't backup anything onto my PC. PalmOne sent me a backup card that, when placed into my SD slot, would automatically turn on the unit, bypass any usual startup sequence, and immediately ask me if I wanted to begin a backup store sequence. It was a long process that entailed leaving the unit alone overnight as everything (applications, data, everything) was loaded onto the card. When I got my new Palm, I put the card into that one, and after another long process, everything was uploaded into the new unit.

    Now this may be a longshot, but even with your endless reset loop, this may work because I think that just by placing the card in the device, all applications are rendered useless as the only operation allowed is starting a backup. Of course, it should definitely work even if you can only just turn the Treo on without entering a reset loop.

    Funny, I still saved that card. I'll check out the proper name of it when I get home tonight and post it here, but they should still be available directly from PalmOne. There's always hope!
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    OK, it's called a PalmOne HotSync-Reset Card. I think they're all specific for different models cause mine says m500/m505 (the model I used it on).

    Give them a call, and good luck!
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    Cool i will look into that, I guess it's not that bad to just reinstall the software I had on, I checked my desktop and all of my contacts, pictures and stuff is there, so that's cool. But I'll look into getting that card, thanks for the info.

    If I bought the phone through Amazon and It is past there 30 day return policy, do I now contact Palm 1 and return the phone to them? or do I walk into my sprint store and have them take care of it. (I'm pretty sure that sprint will go the phone insurance replacement route)
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    Take it to Sprint. Assuming you've got a 650, the 'P' key not working is enough to get the phone replaced. Sprint handles all Palm warranties. Be warned that you'll get a "refurbished" phone, so it may have the same problems. Test it thoroughly (at least the keyboard and headphone jack) before you leave the store, or you'll be back later.
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    Cool, thanks...will I be charged for a replacement under the insurance? And will they give me phone there or will I have to wait a week?
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    You don't need to claim under insurance. This is a warranty exchange. There will be no charge, because the Treo has a one year warranty. They will just swap it with a different one for you.
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