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    Cool, just got off the phone with a Sprint Rep, they said they will do a software flash when I go to the Sprint Store...and yes your right, it won't need to be claimed under insurance. BUT should I demand a new phone or accept this software reflash?
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    Hopefully this will help someone else:
    Just wanted to say thanks...On a long shot I decided to try to hotsync Filez even though it was in a reset loop....and it worked. Everyone out there should download this app and donate heavily to the cause it saved me a lot of trouble...
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    Well, I installed a new prc... the CCDA flash cards (from a CD that came with a Ciscopress book) for studying and right after hotsync, my 650 reset itself in a loop and I was not able to hard reset it.

    I was able to hotsync during the loop however and install filez but the reset cycle did not stop. I took the unit to the Sprint store... they said to come back in two hours.

    My Treo was very stable before that. I had maybe 2 or 3 resets in the 3 months I've had it. That's with Shadowmite's ROM#5 (the original one) which was very stable for over a month since I installed it.

    I'll post the outcome soon.
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    Sprint gave me a new one. I restored everything from my BBVFS backup from the SD card but I had GoodLink and my company has to update the server with my new ESN. Until then, I am without contatcs, mail, notes, tasks or calendar. Let's hope they can do it soon. I think having a GSM phone with a SIM card would have been much less trouble in this case!
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    In case anyone finds this thread and thinks they have to bring the phone back for an exchange, that is NOT the case... I just found out a little too late. A "system reset", page 233 of the Treo 650 Sprint manual would have fixed my issue.
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